Next delivery is on 16th November Saturday (10AM-1PM)
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Popular FAQs

  • Delivery charge?
    We charge RM5 per trip for order below RM40, it's free delivery for order above RM40.
  • Not At Home? 
    No problem. Let us know where can we leave your veggie if you’re not in. For exp: leave with a neighbour, hang at the gate, keep at guard house, etc. Only bank transfer after receive/ pick up. Bank transfer to Ekebun Sdn Bhd - 800 952 8903 (CIMB Bank), WhatsApp your pay slip with order no. to customer service 014-3057998 or to get a copy of receipt.
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  • Receive rotten products?
    Please take some pictures of the product and send it with order no. to or WhatsApp: 014-3057998. We'll credit back cost of the lost product to your account for your next purchase.


  1. What is Ekebun?
    Ekebun is an online grocery store in Penang, Malaysia. Our products are sourced direct from local farms. To ensure the freshness, quality and safety of our products, farmers will harvest your products and we deliver to you, all within 24 hours.
  2. Delivery coverage area?
    Georgetown: 10000 10050 10100 10150 10200 10250 10300 10350 10400 10450 10460 10990 11600
    Bayan Lepas: 11700 11800 11900 11950 11960
    Air Itam: 11400 11500
    Tanjung Bungah: 10470 11200
    Seberang Perai Utara: 12000, 12100, 12200, 12300
    Seberang Perai Tengah: 13500, 13600, 13700, 14000, 14020, 14400
    Seberang Perai Selatan: 14100
    Kindly contact us if you are not in the coverage, we will try to fit your requisition.
  3. When to order?
    Place your order 2 days before delivery day, we'll collect the orders and notify the farmers to harvest for your items (we don't keep inventory).
  4. When is the cut off time for ordering?
    For Saturday Delivery: Please order before 5.00pm on Thursday.
    For Tuesday Delivery: Please order before 5.00pm on Sunday.
  5. When will I receive my order?
    We will deliver your order in between 10AM - 2PM on Saturday and 2PM - 4PM on Tuesday.
  6. What does it mean if an item is “Sold out”?
    It means there is not enough of good quality products at the farm to deliver to you. Please come and check the item for the following day.
  7. Where are the products come from?
    All products sold from Ekebun are direct from the local organic farms. You can review the details of the farm at “Organic Farm”.
  8. Who should I contact for more information / complaint?
    Please feel free to contact us at / WhatsApp: 014-3057998 if you have doubts or wish to make some complaint.
  9. Who will deliver my products?
    Your order will be delivered by our experienced delivery team.
  10. How do I amend an order I have already placed?
    Contact us at / WhatsApp: 014-3057998 if you'd like to amend an order.
  11. How do I know I’ve submitted an order?
    Check your email as you'll receive a confirmation invoice.
  12. Should I wash my veg?
    We aim to give you great tasting, ethically produced food without impacting on the environment.
    We avoid mechanical washing our vegetables as it can damage them, reducing shelf life, nutritional content and flavour. Washing is best done as close to eating as possible, so we leave this job to you.
  13. Where do I find my order history?
    Tap My Account on top of the menu, you'll see the order history list.

Subscription Plan FAQs

  1. Is there a delivery charge for subscription plan?
    No, delivery is free.
  2. Do I have to order every week?
    You don't have to place an order every week. You can choose a regular order to be delivered weekly or fortnightly, or you can place one-off orders as and when you like.
  3. What is the latest I can pause/ skip my delivery?
    You can change your order up to two days before your delivery. To change your order by phoning or emailing to us and we need two working days notice before your delivery day:
    Tuesday delivery phone or email by Sunday 5pm.
    Saturday delivery phone or email by Thursday 5pm.
    (WhatsApp 014-3057998 or
  4. How do I pay?
    For your first order, either pay online or cash on delivery.
    After your first order we take payment for all orders of the month before your 2nd order delivered. We’ll send you a receipt by email when any payment is taken.
    Please make bank transfer to us:
    Ekebun Sdn Bhd - 800 952 8903 (CIMB Bank).
  5. What plan is best for me?
    We suggest the boxes are suitable for the number of people shown below, based on a week’s use. If you are vegetarian we recommend going up a box size.
    1 - 2 people
    Organic Veg Subscription Healthy Plan - Small
    2 - 3 people
    Organic Veg Subscription Healthy Plan - Medium
    3 - 4 people
    Organic Veg Subscription Healthy Plan - Large
    4 + people
    Organic Veg Subscription Healthy Plan - Bumper
  6. How do I know I’ve submitted an order?
    Check your email as you'll receive a confirmation invoice.